SAFECORE HONEYCOMG CORE LOGOAdvantages of Paper Honeycomb Core material by Packraft.

Honeycomb: Hexagonal shape of the Paper Honeycomb inner core is similar to honeycomb constructed by bees. The honeycomb structure used in producing the boards gets its strength from nature as hexagon is a basic natural shape. Hexagonal shape is present every where in nature: in plants, animals and human cells. No other shape provides such an optimal cover.  It has high load bearing capacity, its shock and sound absorbent coupled with lightweight, recyclable, and totally biodegradable properties. The Honeycomb core & boards are so versatile, they can be used to develop almost any kind of imaginable use for packing that requires ‘protection against shock’, ‘lighter weight’, ‘lower cost’, ‘environment friendly’ and ‘safety of people handling it’ as its main advantages. It gives huge advantage, saving wood, the use of which is in no way contributing positively to the environment. Compression strength of the honeycomb core depends on  cell size, thickness and quality of paper. Smaller the cell size, greater the strength; better the paper, stronger the honeycomb.

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